• Building an open world

    Almost a decade ago, when we start selling the cloud-based pos software for a client in Vivocity, it is the first time we came across "GTO integration". Due to our inquisitive nature as a new tech startup, we decided to take up the assignment and start learning about integration between POS and shopping malls. 

    We often hear from the tenants asking if our software is "compatible" with the shopping mall and later found out that it is the same requirements to report sales to the mall which will be used to calculate the GTO rental.

    Today, GTO is one of our core strengths and we have empowered the freedom of choice of pos system to the merchant when they decided to open a shop in a shopping mall. We know it is an important decision for merchants when come to choosing a POS system to manage their business.

    We have started an unprecedented initiative to connect any pos system to any shopping mall with EIX v2, a platform that gives merchants peace of mind for being a tenant in the mall, a new opportunity for mall to use the data differently and for both to adapt to the new omni-channel world while everything is connected to each other via open API.

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