Empowering freedom of choices

EIX empowered merchants who run business in a mall to choose their preferred POS systems and maintain ability to be able to sell online and from the store from the same systems.

Get connected in seconds

Setup the connection between your POS systems and EIX is as fast as few seconds.

Powerful filter systems

Only report transactions that qualify for GTO rental in a timely manner

Full submission visibility

Knowing what is being submitted from your pos systems to the mall is very important

Self-recovery mechanism

When errors happen, EIX will automatically retry to minimise manual tasks

Serving over 500 merchants

Since 2013, EIX has been the choice of integration platform for cloud based pos system due to the automation and proven accuracy that the platform has provide. Mall integration has become important as most of the shopping mall embracing digitisation and data become more significant than before. Signup today to save time and money.


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