Finalising Tenancy Agreement
  • You should find the clause stated the obligation of gross turnover submission to the shopping mall in your tenancy agreement.
  • EIX is readily connected to all shopping mall in Singapore for the listed POS solutions, so you can be sure that the POS system that you have selected will be able to work with the mall.
  • Either your lease manager will link you up with the appointed IT vendor or you can request the contact of the IT vendor who representing the mall to kick off the integration process.
Apply for GTO account
  • After connecting with the mall IT vendor you will asked to fill up an application form to open a GTO account. You may not have all the information needed to complete the form but you should have details such as your unit number, and your contact information.
  • You can reach out to if you need help. You are NOT oblige to use our service as this guidance is pro-bono. However, you will still need a representative from your end who can assists you for the on going GTO submission.
  • Upon filling up the application form, you can forward to the mall IT vendor to open an account.
Connecting EIX to your POS
  • You can proceed with the integration between EIX and your POS system before the previous steps.
  • To integrate EIX with your POS system, EIX admin will generate an email that contains a tokenised link which will initialised the request with your POS software.
  • During this process, your browser will redirect to your POS account to login and authorised the linkage with EIX. Please note that for some POS systems, only the account administrator are allow to perform this step.
  • Once the authorisation completed your POS is now connected to EIX and EIX should automatically synchronise sales from your POS account daily
Integration testing
  • Shopping mall IT vendor will usually request tenant IT vendor to provide a few test files for verification.
  • The test file should be generated from EIX and send directly to mall IT vendor project coordinator email address for inspection.
  • Upon successful check, mall IT vendor will release the GTO account details to EIX and tenant. Please note that the information is confidential and should not disclosed to third party.
  • There should be no additional steps required from tenant at this point as the heavy lifting will be done by EIX automation.
  • EIX master schedule will start to synchronise sales data, transpose and submit to the given GTO account in a regular basis.
  • As Internet FTP is the architecture that currently used for the GTO submission there will be failure either the sending or receiving end due to the legacy architecture limitation. EIX built in with the capability to recover from the failure and resume the submission automatically to ensure timeliness of submission.
  • During first few months of operation, mall IT vendor may be requesting manual sales report from tenant to verify with electronic submission. Tenant will have to provide this by extracting from their POS systems.
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