Build for the Future Shopping mall with 12 Powerful features

Managing the shopping malls today is very different as compare to 5 years ago. Shopping mall used to be a highly effecting place for tenant to open a shop and sell their product. As there are more and more shopping malls setting up in Singapore, the increase number of shopping malls means more competition to the landlords and they will need a different strategy to attract and engage the shoppers.

EIX is a next generation data service platform design to collect transaction data from tenant POS systems and aggregate them for reporting and event responses based on the data set. It is fully built in cloud, and hosted in the enterprise grade data center which provide scalability and security to run the next generation shopping mall. 

Reduce operation cost

Simplify end-to-end data connectivity with lesser touch points.

Detecting anomaly

EIX help you to monitor unusual transactions to prevent data manipulation

Regain in full control

First hand access to the tenant data and by pass the unnecessary clutter.

Agnostic to POS software

Unleashed the dependency with fragmented POS software with EIX

Connect online and offline

Only report transactions that qualify for GTO rental in a timely manner

Secure for business

EIX help you to monitor unusual transactions to prevent data manipulation

Strong automation

Simplify GTO calculation and empower landlord to create multiple scheme

Insightful data

Turn each transaction data into trend and analytic reports

More than just data

Helping landlord to discover trend and opportunity with data. 

100% Cloud native

Manage your business in the cloud without complex infra and high operational cost

Mall loyalty ready

EIX help you to monitor unusual transactions to prevent data manipulation

No more downtime

EIX hosted in a high availability data center and give you round the clock access

Make your next decision with data

Made accurate planning with Visualised data

Are you collecting GTO data just for the rental calculation? Beside GTO rental calculation, GTO data carry granular details that can help you better understand the shopping behaviour when combine with timestamp and business type. That means you can unleash the full potential of your properties without costly investment.

Democratize POS software for tenants (Coming soon)

Unify tenant POS software with EIXConnect

Our company offers a solution to the challenge of selecting a POS system for tenants. The POS software industry is highly fragmented, with over 50 brands available in Singapore alone. This presents a significant challenge for both the mall and their IT vendors. However, our proprietary EIXConnect technology offers a streamlined solution. By leveraging this technology, we enable tenants to exercise their freedom of choice when selecting a POS system.

Active Shopper Engagement

The fun of shopping is a combination of getting what you want and being treated like a friend (not VIP thou). A relaxing shopping experiences will always win the shopper back again and willing to share their experiences with others.

Loyalty and membership program is the next wave of digital transformation for mall and the number of malls that launching such programs are in the increasing trend. EIX collaborate with Rewardly to enable this capability for shopping malls at a faster pace and lower setup and running cost.

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